Health & Wellness

The staff at Echo Six firmly believe in the positive benefits of good health and wellness in our daily lives. Hopefully, you may only be forced to use a firearm or self defense techniques sparingly in your life.  
Bad health, however, can assault you everyday!



"Diet isn't everything, but it sure affects everything!"


Echo Six can offer guidance, advice, and support for whatever your goals may be.

 Maybe you want to gain extreme muscle mass!

Maybe you want to shed 5 to 100+ lbs!

Perhaps you just want to stop feeling exhausted after a flight of stairs!

If you think there could be some improvement in what all you place in your belly...there probably is, and we would be glad to sit with you and discuss a possible change. 

Listen to your body-Answer it correctly

Craving sweets? Your body is wanting sugar so eat fruit!

Feeling weak? Your body wants protein so eat lean meats or nuts!

Thirsty? Your cells are drying out, DRINK WATER!

Tired? Find some "good" carbs!


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Maybe you need a Spark!

Perhaps you'd like to try a Challenge!

Our next 24 Day Challenge Starts 2017 TBD!

Email us or give us a call! 

Physical Training:

Here at Echo Six we promote that any physical activity is better than no activity at all! Every one of us needs daily exercise. Are you getting yours? Why not?
Make sure your doctor has cleared you and let us help you get moving.
You can hit the gym,walk, run, jog, bike, and/or swim. Mix them up or combine them! You don't have to go extreme! We are not pushing racers or bodybuilders or extreme weight loss. We are pushing (wait for it)...HEALTH! Come visit Echo Six and we can get you on a new course, leading to a heathier happier you.
Let us help you get where you want to be!
Join us in our monthy challenges!
*Add these to your routine or make these your routine*
June Push= 30 Push Ups a day for the whole month
July 300 = 30 Day Plank Challenge (20 sec to 300 sec!)
August AB Blast = 30 Day AB Challenge
September Squats = 30 Day Squat Challenge
October Pulls = 30 Day Pull Up Challenge
November Miles = 30 Day Mileage Build
December Dips = 30 Day Tricep Killer
Tai Chi:
Tai chi developed in ancient China. It started as a martial art and a means of self-defense. Over time, people began to use it for health purposes as well.
Tai chi incorporates the Chinese concepts of yin and yang (opposing forces within the body) and qi (pronounced "chee" in English.  A vital energy or life force). Practicing tai chi is said to support a healthy balance of yin and yang, thereby aiding the flow of qi.
People practice tai chi for various health-related purposes, such as:
  • For benefits associated with low-impact, weight-bearing, aerobic exercise
  • To improve physical condition, muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility
  • To improve balance and decrease the risk of falls, especially in elderly people
  • To ease pain and stiffness—for example, from osteoarthritis
  • To improve sleep
  • For overall wellness.
Echo Six - Tai Chi (Chen Style) Classes
The Chen Style was the original Tai Chi style that gave rise directly or indirectly to all other Tai Chi styles.  Chen style involves a mixture fast and slow and hard and soft movements which keeps in form with a martial art.  All Tai Chi takes patience and practice, but can be learned by anyone at any level of age, health, or experience!
Our instructor (Sifu) Dr. Patrick Taylor is a long time student and instructor of Chen Style Tai Chi.  He offers individual classes as well as group classes.
If you are interested in learning a classic and low impact martial art and want some of the benefits listed above.  Give us a call!