DDupleks Ammuntion

Welcome to Echo Six!

We offer training, instruction, and supplies focusing on the defense of you, your family, and your home. In addition to personal defense our instructors specialize in marksmanship, basic first aid, health and wellness. We also offer seminars and workshops in specialized disciplines such as archery, swordsmanship, and throwing weapons! 

Our goal is to educate and enlighten!

Why Use Us!

Not only do we provide top-notch training, we also provide sales services and consultation. We are federally licensed to sell and transfer new and used firearms.
We are also vendors of quality products from many manufacturers including: Tactical Medical Solutions, DDupleks-USA, Spikes Tactical, Armalite, SWAT Firearms, US Optics, Rock River Arms, DSG Arms, Quarter Circle 10, Les Baer Custom, Southern Grind, TOPS Knives, MoraKniv, Tactical Shit, TACCON, Velocity Triggers, Century Martial Arts, Tiger Claw, Cold Steel Knives, United Cutlery, Eagle Emblems, Toys and Models Corporation, Advocare, and many more.

Our Experience Shows!

The core value of Echo Six Defense Solutions is to provide quality training with superior customer service.  Our instructors have decades of defense, military, and martial arts experience.  Many people in the Tennessee Valley can can sell you a gun and accessories. Very few can offer the service, respect, and peace of mind that you get from Echo Six!